Announcement Date: January 1, 1914

The Church of God of Tampa, Florida was founded in November 1914, by a group of Christian Believers. The group was led by Sis Sallye Johnson. A tent was erected on land at the
corner of East 23rd Avenue and North 23rd Street, the group’s first place of worship. Later the group constructed a house on the site and called Rev. Thomas Davis as their first pastor.

Bro. Thomas Daniels, one of the pioneer members donated property located at the corner of East 20th Avenue and North 22nd Street for the construction of the first sanctuary.

Rev. Gabriel P. Sullivan was called as the second pastor. Under his leadership, the congregation faithfully labored and constructed a sanctuary on the property donated by Bro Daniels. The church was named the Twenty-Second Street Church of God.

Between 1921- 1923, the Twenty-Second Street Church of God had eight pastors. In 1934 the congregation called the only female pastor. Rev. Roxie J. Pierce. Under her leadership the congregation held evangelistic services on street corners, witnessed in the name of Jesus and held prayer meetings in the community.

Many families became a part of the growing congregation. Due to the new additional families there was a need for Christian Education. Pastor Pierce organized the first Sunday School and appointed Sis. Margaret McCardy as superintendent. Pastor Pierce resigned in 1940 to join her husband who was then the pastor of the Bealsville Church of God.