Announcement Date: January 1, 1940

The congregation called Rev. Clifton Morgan to serve as pastor. Under his leadership, the first church parsonage was purchased. Pastor Morgan established the Junior Missionaries and renamed
the Pioneer Missionaries to Senior Missionaries. Pastor Morgan resigned to accept a position within the Church of God movement.

Rev. Manassah Stephenson accepted the call to become pastor in 1944. Pastor Stephenson’s strong passion for an outreach ministry led him to involve ministers in the community, visiting and witnessing in the name of Christ. As a result of Pastor Stephenson’s outreach ministering, souls were saved and the congregation continued to grow. Pastor Stephenson resigned and recommended that his brother, Rev. Rupert Stephenson be called as his replacement.

In 1955, the congregation agreed with Pastor Stephenson’s recommendation and called his brother Rev. Rupert Stephenson as pastor. Under Pastor Rupert Stephenson’s leadership
several auxiliaries were established. Trustee Board, Usher Board with Bro. John Gordon as leader, Church Choir directed by Sis. Genevieve Smith with Sis. Nora McCall as pianist.
Youth Programs directed by Sis. Cleora Hunter assisted by Sis. Elice Sledge. Children and Youth Choir directed by Sis. Josephine Watkins, Young
People Bible Study with Bro. Willie Dorsey, Jr. leader. The vacation Bible School was organized. Pastor Rupert Stephenson resigned to take care of his ailing wife in 1963.